The problem with kids’ bikes

Good children’s bikes are really expensive and the little beggars keep growing out of them. Consequently we treat bikes like school uniform – we buy a new bike that's too big and don't replace it until it's too small. But this isn't good for your child – you can't learn to do a wheelie on the wrong-sized bike! And neither is it good for you as parents – having to buy a succession of brand new bikes.

Without KBX, you have limited choices:
  • Each time your child outgrows their bike, you can choose to fork out for a brand new bike
  • And then you may wonder what to do with their old bike now sitting in your garage
  • Or you take ‘pot luck’ with a second-hand bike and just hope it’ll be good enough
  • Or your child stops cycling until you can either afford or locate a decent-sized bike.

Leasing is the solution!

KBX will lease you a bike that's exactly the right size, and then exchange it for the next size up when you need to – in most cases after a year. Our bikes are premium brand, second-hand bikes and are all fully serviced in our Twickenham workshop. Parts are replaced as necessary, and the bikes are cleaned and polished so they look like new.

With KBX you know that:
  • Your child will always have a bike that fits
  • You get a premium brand bike that has just been fully serviced
  • You don't have to foot the bill for a brand new bike
  • You don’t have to worry about what to do with your old bike

At the moment we ask that you collect your bike from our base in Twickenham – watch this space for a full-blown delivery service.

What we believe

We believe…
  • Kids deserve bikes that fit. As adults we wouldn't put up with a bike that's the wrong size. So why should they?
  • Decent kids’ bikes are tough and rarely get a huge amount of wear. So well-serviced, second-hand kids bikes are just as good as brand new ones.
  • It’s crazy to discard a quality bike just because you’ve outgrown it. There’s a finite amount of material in this world so let’s reuse as much as we can.
  • Leasing offers a flexibility that can really benefit cycling families. You don’t have to wait until the end of the one-year lease to exchange bikes, or you can keep the same sized bike for longer if it still fits.
  • Being able to ‘upsize’ easily enables families to keep cycling happily. The moment they’ve outgrown one bike, we can be ready with the next one.

Our Story

We’re Doug & Nicola - two parents who’ve always loved to ride with our kids. Having experienced first-hand the challenges faced by any cycling family, we thought it was time to do something about it. And to give kids’ cycling a new lease of life. Hence KBX.

Doug’s love of bikes began when his Dad bought Raleigh Choppers for him and his brother when the family was living in Bulawayo. Doug grew up with bikes and worked for over 20 years in cycle retail in South West London. And it was a shared love of mountain biking that brought the two of us together as a couple.

KBX founder raleigh chopper

Doug on his Raleigh Chopper - his first love!

Kids Bike Xchange founders KBX

Doug, NIcola and family at the end of cycling holiday in France 2016.