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Delivering power comfortably and effectively. Part of the KBX philosophy.


Most adults know that it’s important to be in the right position on their bike but seem to forget that it’s important for their kids too. Or we seem to forget that kids are constantly growing and therefore need their bike set up to be adjusted frequently.

Everything becomes harder when your bike doesn’t fit properly. Steering, braking, pedalling and even breathing.

You can’t learn to do a wheelie on a bike that’s too big.

If your kids bike fits then it’s fun to ride and if it’s fun to ride then they will want to ride it.

We want kids to progress their cycling. So many kids get put off cycling because of their bike. It’s too big or too small, it’s uncomfortable and hard to control. They are unable to grow their confidence and skills and therefore lose interest.

A person pedalling a bike really is a single bio mechanical entity and both parts need to fit together for it to function properly.

Kids often say they don’t like their bike but what they really mean is they don’t like how their bike feels. Normally if you can set them up properly on the right size bike they decide they like cycling again.

In a recent study at Brunel University Centre for Human Performance, Exercise and Rehabilitation children were tested on their bike position and how it related to feelings of comfort and power delivery. The starting point of which was that children are not miniature adults and the proportions of limb length and torso length are very different. These proportions also change as the child gets closer to adulthood. It is this study’s saddle height and arm reach measurements that we use when fitting your child to their KBX bike.

Obviously as kids positional needs are constantly changing as they grow it means that they need to be regularly re fitted to their bike. Most bike brands are unable to build more than 10 to 15 centimetres growth into a kids bike as they are restricted by the need for the bikes geometry to work for its rider. Smaller bikes will have less available growth adjustment. Average growth for kids in the UK between age two and four is 17 centimetres. Between the age of five and ten most kids in the UK will grow at least six centimetres a year. That means a lot of bikes if you want your kids cycling comfortably, safely and effectively.

KBX offers you the opportunity to allow your kid to always have a good bike, that fits properly so they can really experience the joy of riding.


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    I wish you were here!! What a great concept and idea!

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