Bike to school

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Turn the school run into a ‘school ride’ & transform your day!

Here are 5 reasons why riding to school makes sense:

  1. It’s usually faster than walking or driving, so that’s more time to get ready & out of the house in the morning.
  2. It gets the blood pumping which means you deliver your child wide awake and ready to learn.
  3. Every ride increases your child’s confidence and familiarity with cycling, as well as their fitness.
  4. Creates the habit of cycling every day and everywhere which will serve your child well for the rest of their lives.
  5. It beats driving to school every time!


A bit of planning can help make your daily commute easier and more enjoyable. Firstly plan your route so that you don’t have to ride on main roads if at all possible. Use cycle lanes, side roads and parks, even if it means going a little bit further. And there’s no harm in having a trial ride on a Sunday afternoon when the roads are quiet – better to check out any potential hazards when you’re not in a rush and the traffic is lighter.

Make sure you have the right gear – bike helmet, mud guards, waterproof jacket, bike lights, gloves, trouser clips if needed and a hi vis jacket or hi vis cover for your back pack – these double as a waterproof cover for your bag too. And don’t forget a lock to secure your child’s bike if the bike store at school worries you.

If you find that either you or your child could do with brushing up on your road skills or simply your confidence, consider some training. Doug has recently qualified as a Bikeability trainer and is happy to offer one-to-one training or family based training. Call us on 020 3002 0904 for more information.

And of course, all of this is much more fun on a well maintained bike that’s just the right size. Contact us if you’d like to explore the benefits of leasing a bike that’s always the right size.

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  1. kellypreston
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    Nice piece of content…!!

    Yes, the bicycle is good for the child, but we have to ensure the safety of the child.

    • Nicola
      | Reply

      Hi Kelly, Thanks for your comments. Safety is of course our number one priority. Yours, Nicola

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