How KBX Bike Leasing Works

By leasing your kids' bikes we think it's easier than ever for you and your family to get cycling… and to keep cycling easily, safely and affordably.

There are six aspects to how bike leasing works. First you need to know the size of the bike you need for your kid; then you can choose the bike you want and start the lease - so you and your family are ready to start enjoying your cycling. One year on, at the end of your lease, it’s time for exchanging. As you do this, and repeat the process, it’s not just your family that’ll feel the benefit. With this new way of recycling, you’ll also be helping other local families and the environment.

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1. Sizing

Be sure to know your bike size.

Being in the right position, on the right size bike means that your child will have more control and therefore be safer and have more fun.

To know which KBX bike size you need, go to our size checker.

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Once you know your size, you’re ready to choose your bike.


2. Choosing

Find the bike that's right for you.

We offer you a range of premium brand, second-hand kids’ bikes. Each one has been serviced and polished at our KBX workshop in Twickenham.

You can browse our fleet of available bikes here.

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Having chosen your bike, you’re ready to get leasing.


3. Leasing

See how leasing beats buying.

Leasing gives you a flexibility that buying doesn’t, allowing you to spread your costs - rather than having to foot the bill of a brand new bike. Also, once your child outgrows their KBX bike, you can swap it for one that’s the perfect fit.

You can learn more about leasing here.

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Having leased your bike, you’re ready to start enjoying it.


4. Enjoying

Treat yourself to better biking.

It feels so much better to be on a bike that fits perfectly and is working beautifully. And our aim at KBX is to keep families cycling happily, safely and affordably.

To keep your bike in great condition, check out our top tips for bike maintenance – aka the KBX Code – in the Guide you get with your first KBX bike.

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Having enjoyed your bike for a year, it’s usually time to exchange it.


5. Exchanging

A bike for you, a story for them.

At the end of your year-long lease, you’ll be ready to exchange one KBX bike for another. And we’re flexible. So if you want us to store your bike through the winter, we can start the exchange in the Spring.

When you exchange, we'd love you to share a bit of your bike’s history - tell us about your adventures and where you’ve been.

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Once you’ve exchanged, you’re started to ‘recycle’ in a new way.


6. Recycling

Feel the benefit, forget the waste.

You could say KBX has given ‘recycling’ a new meaning. Instead of being discarded, unwanted quality bikes are serviced and readied for their young new owners.

By continually exchanging, you’re helping other local families and the environment.

For KBX to thrive, we need our fleet to be topped up with great second-hand models. So who do you know who’s interested in selling us a bike?

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It’s never been easier to keep your family cycling.