How KBX Bike Leasing Works

By leasing your kids' bikes we think it's easier than ever for you and your family to get cycling… and to keep cycling easily, safely and affordably.

There are six aspects to how bike leasing works. First you need to know the size of the bike you need for your kid; then you can choose the bike you want and start the lease - so you and your family are ready to start enjoying your cycling. One year on, at the end of your lease, it’s time for exchanging. As you do this, and repeat the process, it’s not just your family that’ll feel the benefit. With this new way of recycling, you’ll also be helping other local families and the environment.

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1. Sizing

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2. Choosing

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3. Leasing

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4. Enjoying

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5. Exchanging

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6. Recycling

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