Going second-hand? Be picky about the brand

Going second-hand? Be picky about the brand

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There are so many good reasons to recycle and when it comes to recycling kids bikes to us at KBX its a no brainer.

Good brands like the ones we go after at KBX design tough, reliable kids bikes. They can certainly serve several more kids and do many more miles before they themselves go to be recycled. Most of the bikes we source have been used but loved by their previous owners and once we have serviced and polished them they will ride like they are new.

My twenty five years in the bike trade have left me with a deep knowledge of bike brands and the quality and durability of the bikes they design and build. We have a list of brands we look for and a level of quality we know we want for our customers. Brands we source include Specialized, Trek, Giant, Ridgeback, Raleigh and Dawes. These brands have manufactured great kids bikes for many years and they put a huge amount of time and effort into getting their products just right.

Without the knowledge and experience we have it can be very difficult to know exactly what you are going to get when you buy a second hand bike. Many people get a second hand bike and find that it needs a service, immediately increasing the cost. Lots of second hand bikes are incorrectly advertised when it comes to the size and specification. There is also the fear of buying a stolen bike. As a KBX customer you can let us worry about all of that and concentrate on getting the family riding.



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