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Wake up and smell the Spring!

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There’s nothing quite like the smells of Spring! Its wonderful to ride through a park or along the road and smell all the flowers and trees coming blooming back to life after the winter. So now that Spring is finally here its time to dust off the bikes and get … Read More

One man’s wistful take on the Spring Classics

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Spring is my favourite time of the cycle racing year. Yep, it’s the spring classics and, in particular, the cobbled races in Belgium. Yes the summer tours are great to look at, with their soaring mountains and sunflowers, but it’s months before we get to all that. I’m talking about … Read More

Bike to school

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Turn the school run into a ‘school ride’ & transform your day! Here are 5 reasons why riding to school makes sense: It’s usually faster than walking or driving, so that’s more time to get ready & out of the house in the morning. It gets the blood pumping which means … Read More

The joys of family cycling holidays

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We have had some fabulous cycling holidays with our kids which we’d like to share. 1. You can’t beat Brittany! Our first cycling holiday was with Breton Bikes when the kids were 3 and 5. Their main operation is to organise cycle tours (camping or B&B) but we rented a gite in … Read More

Bike Fit

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Delivering power comfortably and effectively. Part of the KBX philosophy.   Most adults know that it’s important to be in the right position on their bike but seem to forget that it’s important for their kids too. Or we seem to forget that kids are constantly growing and therefore need … Read More

Why size matters (especially with bikes!)

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Getting the right-sized bike is so important. Extensive research shows that a properly fitting bicycle can help with so many different aspects of cycling — speed, respiratory performance, general comfort, knee and back pain prevention, and more. Little wonder that getting the bike fit exactly right is a priority for … Read More