Prudential Ride London Freecyle – a great day out!

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The clear roads with great landmarks on every corner, the music, the activities, happy smiling people everywhere you looked – what a great place to be.

Its a pity that South West Trains didn’t put more bike carriages on the trains on Saturday as there were rather a lot of bikes! Nonetheless we all arrived at Waterloo without any hiccups.

And what a fabulous time we had! The sun was shining – to start with at least – and there was a palpable buzz in the air as hundreds of cyclists poured off the trains and set off on a traffic free Waterloo Bridge. There were 7 ‘Festival Zones’ and we’d have struggled to get round by the time the roads reopened to traffic at 4pm if we had spent time in all of them.

Lincolns Inn Fields was a laid back picnic zone, unfortunately the climbing wall was having teething problems with a defective generator – we hope it was fixed later in the day. But we did discover that our youngest can hula hoop quite well – who knew?!

Mansion House was a whirl of cycle powered everything – smoothies, slot car racing (scalectrix to you and me) and a digital velodrome. Plus a have a go BMX track and the Voodoo Unicycle Tricksters. And of course the ever present music for dancing.

Leadenhall Market featured some fascinating stalls with all sorts of goodies to peruse and buy. Plus yet more free things! A bike powered paint wheel delivered vinyl art to all who came and Leon were giving away free ice lollies. And there weren’t even queues whist we were there.

We forced ourselves to pass other Festival Zones and soon found ourselves cruising past Big Ben, down Birdcage Walk and on to Buckingham Palace and into the mother of the Festival Zones in Green Park. The sponsors were putting on great shows and we spent a lot of time with Continental – strange bike wheels, virtual reality and more. The ice cream and the food were great and there was so much to do! Unfortunately the rain really started to pour and we bid a retreat back to Waterloo for the train home, but we’ll be back.

If you’d like to see the map and zone detail you can download it here.

Make sure you make it a date next year – see you there!


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