Why size matters (especially with bikes!)

Why size matters (especially with bikes!)

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Getting the right-sized bike is so important. Extensive research shows that a properly fitting bicycle can help with so many different aspects of cycling — speed, respiratory performance, general comfort, knee and back pain prevention, and more. Little wonder that getting the bike fit exactly right is a priority for so many experienced cyclists who are ‘in the know’.

Getting the ‘bike fit’ right can include:

  • the saddle height
  • the handlebar height
  • the distance between handlebars and saddle
  • the height difference between handlebars and saddle.

Of all of these, saddle height is the most important. Here’s why:

“A perfectly set saddle puts you in the optimal position to pedal efficiently, but also avoid short-term discomfort and long-term injury. Saddle height is the simplest of adjustments you can make to your bike with probably the greatest benefit” cyclingweekly.com

As adults, we don’t spend nearly as much time, or money, on getting our kids’ bike size correct as our own — and given that there are huge differences between the body ratios of an adult and a child, we cannot simply transfer learning from one to the other.

A recent study by Grainger, Dobson and Korff of Brunel University studied bicycle fit amongst children, and it is their recommendations that we at KBX aim to follow as closely as possible. The most important measure is the inseam*, and this is our start point when finding the right size bike for your child. (*That goes from the crotch to the bottom of the leg.)

As we see it, it’s the first step to making sure you get the very most from your cycling as a family.

Here’s HOW to work out the right-sized bike for your child. See our FAQs about Sizing here. Do let us know if you have any other questions or thoughts about sizing. You can email us at: hello@kidsbikexchange.co.uk

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