KBX Bike Checklist

When you collect you bike from us we will ensure that it fits and that you fully understand how it works and adjusts. All KBX bikes are fully serviced in the workshop before being leased to you. Key components are checked for wear and tear and all parts are adjusted or replaced as necessary. Key areas include:

  • Frame and forks
  • Wheel components
  • Wheels - we ensure they are 'true', ie perfectly round
  • Tyres
  • Brake system, including brake pads, cables and levers
  • Gear system, including levers, cables and derailleurs
  • Bottom bracket
  • Cranks and pedals
  • Headset, stem, handlebars
  • Saddle and post
Having a full workshop, we can also service other bikes - adults and kids - and we will be just as thorough and exacting with those:

Workshop Menu

Level 1 Service

KBX size 6 and above (Adult bike)     £34.99

KBX size 5 (24" wheel)     £34.99

KBX size 4 (20" wheel)     £29.99

KBX sizes 1, 2, 3 (12", 14", 16", 18" wheel)     £24.99

All prices are exclusive of any replacement parts. We will quote these separately before carrying out your repair.

Level 1 service includes:

  • visual check of frame, wheels and all major components for damage or wear
  • check tyre tread and pressure
  • adjust and set gear system
  • adjust and set brake system
  • check and tighten all fixings on all components
  • headset adjusted
  • bottom bracket adjusted
  • all relevant parts lubricated
  • wipe down

Other Repairs

Wheel true     £15.00

Brake service     £10.00 per brake

Gear service     £20.00

De-grease     £30.00 (£20.00 in a Service)

Wash and polish     £25.00

Replace tyre or tube     £10.00

These prices do not include any replacement parts. We will quote these separately before carrying out your repair.



If you need any basic maintenance, servicing or repairs during the lease period you need to bring your bike to us. We will charge our standard labour rates plus the cost for parts which are damaged or broken due to misuse or accidental damage. You will not be charged for parts or components that are simply worn. 

All services and repairs will be turned around on the same day wherever possible. All work carried out by Cytech qualified mechanics.

Remember we are happy to service and repair all your families bikes and more than happy to offer advice on fit and position for adults and kids alike. Why not bring your own bike along when you collect your KBX bike and we can ensure you and it are set up correctly.

To book your bike in simply call us on 020 3002 0904 or email us hello@kidsbikexchange.co.uk


All workmanship guaranteed for three months. All components subject to manufacturers guarantee.


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